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Who Can Participate in Recreational Activities?

All McGill students and members of the Mac Sports Complex are allowed to participate in recreational activities. A maximum of two guests are allowed to accompany members with the purchase of the appropriate day pass.

What do I need to bring to the Fitness Centre?

Everyone must bring their membership ID and a towel.  Outdoor shoes/boots and outerwear are not permitted in the Fitness Centre.

Is Equipment Provided for Activities?

Nets, poles, hoops, and goals will be provided and are found in the gymnasium. Basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, badminton racquets, etc can be signed out of the Sports Complex office with a McGill ID card. We do not provide equipment for recreational skating or hockey.

What Equipment is Mandatory to Participate?

For shinny hockey, full face masks and neck protectors are mandatory at all times.  For the gym, a pair of clean indoor shoes and proper attire is a must.

When are Schedules Available?

Drop-in recreational activities are scheduled by semester, however special events can sometimes alter the schedule. Consult our Schedules & Activities page for a list of times (Google calendar).

Can I Bring a Friend?

Members of the Sports Complex are allowed to bring up to two (2) guests with them. Each guest is required to purchase the appropriate day pass. Members must accompany their guest(s) while in the Complex.


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