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Who can participate in Intramural Sports?

All McGill students who have paid the Athletics fee as a part of their tuition, and have a valid McGill I.D. card are eligible to participate. McGill staff and alumni are also eligible to participate, providing they have an active membership for the duration of the league they are playing in.  JAC students may also participate, but must purchase an Intramural membership to play on a team for that semester.

What if I do not have enough people to form a full team?

Team captains who need additional players to complete their roster should contact the team coordinator at the beginning of each semester to find out which teams need players.

What if I have lost my ID card?

Players are required to present their McGill ID to the timer prior to each game (JAC students must show their JAC ID). Failure to comply with this rule will prevent the individual from participating in that game. In the case of a lost card, show the timer a printout of your Minerva statement indicating that you have paid the Athletics fee, as well as two photos IDs matching the name on the printout.

If there is inclement weather, will my game be cancelled?

Due to facility restrictions, games will be played during rain. However, if there is a danger to the participants (i.e. lightning, hail, etc.), games may be delayed, rescheduled or canceled. In such situations, the coordinator will do their best to contact the captains to reschedule a match to ensure teams play the game.

How do I become an official or a timer?

Email a resume in Word format at the beginning of the term listing your experience and background for your sport.


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