Mac off to a great start at first Loggersports competition!


Mac off to a great start at first Loggersports competition!

Last weekend the University of New Brunswick hosted the first woodsmen competition of the season with the CILA league, where our McGill teams participated.

Here are the highlights of the competition:

Overall score:

McGill Women’s A: 2nd

McGill Women’s B: 8th

McGill Men’s A: 5th


Single events:

Louanne Marquis (WA) 1st in Chainsaw

Madelaine Cumplido-Wilson (WA) 2nd in Water boil

Marlene Herzog (WA) 3rd in Single buck

Claudine Machabée (WA) 3rd in Axe throw

Heather Brown (WB) 3rd in Super swede


Double events:

Louanne Marquis and Marlene Herzog (WA) 1st in Underhand chop

Parker Chase and Meghan Creswick (WA) 3rd in Standing block chop

Caelan Ratcliffe and Alexandre Turmaine (MA) 3rd in Underhand chop


Team events:

Women’s A 1st in Crosscut

Women’s A 3rd in team Swede saw

Women’s A 3rd in pole toss


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