Campus Recreation /
Intramural Team Registration

Register on line, or at the office

Spaces are limited so REGISTER EARLY.

  • One team member (captain) can login by clicking the icon that goes to Online Services.
  • Use your Minerva/McGill email and password to login - or create your own creditials as a Community Guest.
  • Browse the MAC Intramurals or you'll be registering for a down town team.
  • Click on Checkout and pay for your team using your credit card.
  • Your team is now signed up. 

Once you've paid your team fee, you'll receive an email from the Recreation Department with instructions on how to submit your roster on GOL NETWORK.  

Once you receive this email follow the steps below to sign up and enter your roster.

All participating players must be registered on GOL.  Only then will your team registration be complete.



How to add your team roster on GOL.....

Mac Athletics & Recreation uses GOL Network

Schedules, stats and standings are found on GOL NETWORK so be sure to look for MAC/MSL sports leagues when you sign up.  Captains can also use it as a personal team page (customizable with logo, photos, etc.).  Here are detailed instructions on how to register on GOL Network and how to add your players to your team roster. This process should take no more than 5 minutes.

If you're already registered on GOL Network, you may skip the first step.....


First create a login....Register yourself on GOL

1) Each captain will be sent an invitation to join GOL. You will receive an email from titled "Team Manager (YOUR TEAM NAME)".

2) Follow the "join" link at the bottom and start entering your personal information.

3) Wait until you receive the notification email confirming that you have been added as team manager before registering your players.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT because your team may not have been entered into the system yet.

4) Use your McGill email address as this is the address that has been linked to your manager account.


Second.... Create your Team Roster by Adding Players on GOL

1) Once logged in, you will automatically be taken to your "Action Board" page. Your team will be listed at the bottom as "YOUR TEAM NAME" (YOUR CATEGORY).

2) Below your team name click on the "Manage" button (ignore the top "Manage" tab) which will take you to your "Roster" page.

3) Click on "Add Player"  - As you type in your first player's name, he/she will appear in the drop-down menu if they already exist in the system. If that's the case, please make sure to select the correct person.  If not, simply hit the Enter key once you've finished typing. Then enter the player's email address so they can be sent an invitation to join GOL Network.  

4) Repeat step "3" for every player you wish to add. REMEMBER TO ADD YOURSELF AS A PLAYER AS WELL (currently, you only appear as 'Team Manager')!


You're done!


Player verification is now a two-step process:

1 - Present a valid McGill ID Card or JAC ID card to the scorekeeper

2 - The player’s name must be listed on GOL Network to be verified

Note that any player who has not been entered into GOL Network by their captain will NOT be permitted to play.  Our Referees/Scorekeepers will be unable to do this for you prior to a game.




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