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You will need to reserve a 90-minute block online in order to use the Fitness Centre

The Fitness Center includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, stairmasters, upright cycles, recumbant cycles, rowers, dip machine, chin-up machine, power cage, cable crossover, back bench, weight racks, different weight benches as well as a full line of cybex strength equipment.

A personalized workout and warm up space is located just outside the Fitness Centre.

Changing Rooms

We’re following a strict, GET IN. TRAIN. GET OUT. policy, which means coming dressed to workout and leaving as soon as your workout is over. The bathrooms in the locker rooms are available for use, but lockers and showers are closed for the time being. These bathrooms are not to be used as a changing room. Please use your supplied spray bottle to clean all touch points after using the bathrooms.

Updated Fitness Center Rules

  • You will need to reserve a 90-minute block online in order to use the Fitness Centre. Each member may only book one reservation per day, until further notice.

  • You need your McGill ID or your membership card to access the building.

  • You must wear a mask while travelling to and from the Fitness Centre and while circulating around the Fitness Centre.

  • You will be able to remove your mask while training. In the free weight section, because it is difficult to respect a social distance of two meters, you must ensure that you are wearing your mask as soon as you leave the bench, machine, equipment, etc. Do not approach a strength machine occupied by another person until they have moved on. We recommend you bring a zip lock bag to store your mask while not in use.

  • Every exerciser is asked to pick up one of the supplied spray bottles and use it to clean the equipment after use. Please keep the same spray bottle throughout your 90-minute workout. The spray bottles will be cleaned in between each training block.

  • In most cases we are using an “every other machine” policy, so no two people are exercising side-by-side. We’ve also instituted limits to the number of people training in certain zones, please see the signage posted on-site.

  • Members must stay two meters away from each other at all times while in the building - members who live in the same household are exempt.

  • Before and after each activity or use of an exercise machine, members must disinfect their hands with the supplied spray bottle before moving on to the next activity or exercise machine. We highly recommend members bring their own hand sanitizer.

  • Wipe down all machines and equipment with the supplied spray bottle before and after use.

  • Outdoor footwear must be removed and left in the entrance. Bring your workout shoes that you will be wearing in the Sports Complex.

  • You must be 14 or older to enter the Fitness Centre.

  • If you are unsure on how to use a machine, seek the assistance of our personnel. We will be happy to instruct you on how to use the equipment properly.

  • Immediately report any piece of equipment that is not functioning properly to our personnel so that it may be evaluated and serviced promptly.


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