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Dodgeball Rules of Play

It's a hit!


Updated November 2023

1. Teams are composed of four players.

2. A maximum of 4 players on the court per team at a given time.

3. Each team must have a minimum of 1 representative of each sex playing.

4. Match duration is 5 minutes – the team who wins the most games during this time is deemed victorious.

  • Resolve any tie by concluding the current game at the 5-minute mark.
  • If players linger holding balls, a 5-second release rule may be enforced.

5. A team wins by eliminating all opposing players by getting them “OUT”.This may be done by:

  • Hitting an opponent with a live* thrown ball at or below the shoulders. (No kicking balls)
  • Catching a live ball thrown by your opponent before it touches the ground. If a live ball is caught, a team-mate of the player who caught the ball is brought back to play. This includes a ricochet off of a teammate (the famous 2 for 1)
  • A player may use a ball-in-hand to block an incoming shot, but: i. if the ball-in-hand is dropped while doing so, the player will be eliminated or “OUT”. ii. SPECIAL: a live ball blocked by a ball-in-hand is still live and can be caught (to eliminate the player that threw the ball and bring in an eliminated teammate) or eliminate a teammate via a ricochet.
  • *Live: A ball that has been thrown and has not touched anything involved in play, including the floor, official or items outside of the playing field (wall, ceiling, etc).

6. Eliminated players line up on the side of the court, outside of play.

  • If a ball is caught by a teammate, the first-eliminated teammate is the first to come back into play.

7. Opening Rush: The game begins by placing the dodgeballs along the center line – 2 on one side of the center hash and 2 on the other. Players then take a position behind their end line and/or touching the wall. Following a signal from the official to start the contest, teams may approach the centerline to retrieve the balls. Players may only retrieve the 2 balls on the side of the court (right of the center hash) from where they start. Once a ball is retrieved it must be taken behind the attack line before it can be legally thrown.

8. If a ball is caught after ricocheting off the wall, there is no elimination/spawning on either side.

9. SPECIAL: If a ball is successfully thrown through the opposing basketball net, all 4 teammates are brought back into play.

** Clearly define boundaries (e.g., end line, attack line, basketball net) before play


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