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The IM General Rules Handbook for Participants & Captains

A few details for officials, captains and players......

Players section

The intent of the Intramural Sports Program is friendly competition. Self-control and proper conduct are required at all times.  Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in suspension from further participation in the program. Teams are also responsible for the behaviour of their spectators.

Full time McGill students, complex members and JAC students are eligible to take part in intramurals activities.  (JAC students must pay a participant fee, since they don't pay McGill Student Services/Athletics fees).

Anyone participating in an intramural activity is required to present their valid student identification card to the officials prior to the start of any game. No card = no play.

When players have registered with one particular team, they become a permanent member of that team.  Players are not permitted to play for more than one team during a season.

All participants should be familiar with the general rules and regulations that govern Mac Intramural activities - visit the individual sports pages to view any specific rules.

Games must start on time.  
When a team cannot begin a game with the minimum number of players required to begin the activity within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled time, the referee shall declare a default in favour of the team ready to play.

Need to reschedule or postpone a game?
The Captain or alternate must request through the League Coordinator at least 48 hours before the scheduled game.

A player is not eligible for playoffs if they have not played in at least 2 of the regular season games.

Intercollegiate athletes are welcome to participate, however they may not participate in a sport for which they have represented the University during the current academic year.  These individuals are deemed ineligible for participation in an intramural sport after having appeared on the roster in at least one regular season or post-season intercollegiate games unless cleared in advance through the Recreation Administrator.

Intramural activities are completely voluntary.  McGill University (Macdonald Campus) assumes no responsibility for injuries received during Intramural activities.

Team Captain section

Captains responsibilities are:

  • Ensure that the team registration is completed on line and paid for before the entry deadline.

  • Enter the team roster in GOL Network.  Only complete entries will be considered.

  • Verify and ensure the eligibility of ALL team members.

  • Attend any Captains’ meetings which may be held one week prior to the start of the league or any special meeting to deal with league matters.

  • Know all Intramural rules and in particular, those governing eligibility, postponements, defaults, etc., ensuring that other team members know the rules.

  • Inform team members of the general rules and regulations that govern Macdonald Intramural activities.  Have all players read this web page.

  • Advise all team members appear 10 minutes before game time, on time, ready to play (full equipment if applicable). In ice hockey players arrive 20 minutes before game time.

  • Be a responsible leader. It is through the team’s comments, criticisms and suggestions that the Intramural program will become a better.

  • Provide feedback available to the league co-ordinator.

Discipline and Protests

Only the captain may represent the team at the Recreation Office.

Only participants of the two contesting teams in the particular sport league may protest the eligibility of another team or team member.

One (1) default will result in a penalty of loss of points in the standings.  A second (2) default will result in being non-eligible for play offs.  The third (3) default will result in team EXPULSION from the league.

When a team requests a postponement: The postponement must be made by the Captain through the league coordinator. There must be a valid unforeseeable reason. It must be made at least 48 hours prior to the game scheduled.  The game will be rescheduled when and only if it is possible and necessary.

If a team feels that a referee has misinterpreted a rule, they may decide to protest the game. The game must be completed and the protesting side notify the officials before the teams have left the playing area.

All protests must be submitted in writing to the Intramural Office within 24 hours of the game in question. The protest will be reviewed by the League Coordinator and Recreation Administrator. The parties concerned will be notified of the ruling on the protest.

Basic equipment for games is supplied. Personal equipment is the responsibility of the individual.


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