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Intramural Soccer Rules (outdoors)

Mac Campus Intramural Soccer Rules (outdoors)


Updated Sept 2023


This is intramurals: recreational sports organized within a particular institution or a set geographic area. Players come with different levels of expertise and intensity. Have fun, play hard, but avoid unnecessary aggression and/or contact. Everyone wants to play. Nobody  wants to get hurt.



Enrollment Agreement


The intent of the McGill Intramural program is friendly competition. Self-control and proper conduct are required at all times. Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated and may result in suspension from further participation in the program. McGill University and its administration are not responsible for any and all claims of loss, damage or injury to persons or property, however caused to any party arising directly or indirectly from participation in the Intramural Program. Use of the facilities and participation in the Intramural program are entirely at the participant's own risk. It is the captain's responsibility to communicate the above statement with their team members. It is also the captain's responsibility to have an adequate sized roster. 




• Each player must show their validated I.D. card to the referee (ref) prior to the start of the game and indicate the team that they are on.

• After the ref has confirmed your I.D. card, take the appropriate colored pinnie and report your number to the ref. 

• After the game is played, return your pinnie to your captain. The captain is responsible for returning all pinnies.




• A ten (10) minute delay to the start of the game will be granted if a team has an insufficient number of players. 

• The amount of time that the start of the game was delayed will be subtracted from the first half of the game. 

If a team still has too few players after the delay, they will default the game.




• Pinnies will be issued to each team at the game site. Goalkeepers will not wear a pinnie, so that they can be distinguished from the other players. 

• Regulation (FIFA approved) soccer balls are supplied and used in all games

SHOES: Metal or replaceable cleats are NOT permitted. 




• Regardless of the weather, players are asked to always show up at the game site. Rain or snow will not necessarily result in a game being canceled.




• Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) rules apply during all Intramural soccer games, with the following exceptions and amendments:




• Each match lasts two equal periods of 25 minutes

The clock is considered “continuous” (does not stop when the ball goes out of play). At the match officials’ discretion, stoppage/injury time may be added at the end of each period. 

The duration of the half-time interval will be at the discretion of match officials, and must not exceed 5 minutes. 




• Each match is to be played by two teams of eight (8) players, one of whom is the goalkeeper.

• As this is a co-recreational league we encourage equal playing time to all players regardless of gender or ability. All teams must include players of both sexes who must be represented on the field at all times. 

• Substitutions are unlimited and on the fly. Number of players on the field cannot exceed eight and all players must be included.
• Players CANNOT play for two teams. If a player wants to fill in, the opposing team must agree upon the terms before the game starts (e.g., “if we are losing by 5 goals by the second half, can we bring on this player?”)




Make sure your players know the appropriate position: both feet on the ground, ball must be delivered from behind and over the head, and face the field of play. 




• When a free-kick or corner kick is given, all opponents must be at a distance of 9.15 m (10 yards, about 12 steps) from the ball until it is played. 

• The player taking the free-kick may ask the referee to enforce the 10 yard distance. If such a request is made by the player, the kick cannot be taken until the referee blows their whistle.




A goalkeeper may NOT pick up the ball with their hands if the ball is deliberately passed to him/her by one of their teammates, excluding passes made with any body part above the knee. Any violation of this rule results in an indirect free kick inside the box.




• Referees will call only DELIBERATE handballs (i.e. if a player intentionally strikes the ball with hand or arm). 

• The upper part of the shoulders is not considered a handball. If a player uses their hands to protect him/herself from a hard shot, the call will be at the referee’s discretion.

• ALL handballs called by the referee result in DIRECT free-kicks. Handballs inside the box result in a penalty kick.




Slide tackles are not allowed. It is understood that players may slip on their way to tackle the ball, depending on weather (e.g., rain or snow) and field conditions, but it is ultimately the players responsibility to measure their speed and intensity. If a tackle ends up with a slide, it is up to the referee to decide on whether to stop play and/or grant a free-kick or not, with the priority being to maintain safety on the field.




Suspensions are in effect in the league, and will be given out to players accumulating yellow cards:    

2 yellows    1 game suspension 

4 yellows    2 game suspension 

5 yellows    suspended for the entire season 


Note that yellow cards received during the season carry over into the playoffs (i.e. the counter is not re-zeroed). 



All red cards result in immediate expulsion from the game and an automatic one or two game suspension (depending on the severity of the infraction). A player who receives their second (2nd) Red Card of the season will be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoffs.



1 red           1 or 2 game suspension 


2 reds         suspended for the entire season




Should an injury or accident occur during an Intramural game, the following steps should be taken:

all major injuries/accidents that require an ambulance:

call 911 and security's emergency line (514-398-7777)

fill out incident/accident report in the office

call Jill (514-220-4352)

all minor injuries/accidents that require first aid, assistance leaving the premises, or any head injuries

Call security if you feel uncomfortable handling the injury on your own (514-398-7770)

find someone to accompany the injured party if they cannot get home on their own

fill out accident/incident report


For playoff games tied after the end of regulation time, the game shall proceed to a penalty shootout.




1. Each team will select four (4) shooters: 2 male and 2 female. If a team only has one female, she must go twice.

2. If the game remains tied after the first 4 shooters, the sudden death shootout will continue, alternating between female and male shooters. If a team only has one female, she must take each second shot for the duration of the sudden death shootout.

3. No player shall shoot more than once before all eligible players have taken a shot. Exceptions must be made to preserve the alternation between male and female shooters.


FINAL match:


• Only in the final match of playoffs, a game tied at the end of regulation time will proceed to two five (5) minute halves of extra time

• The 10 minutes of extra time will be played to completion (no golden/silver goal). 

• Should this still not be enough to break the tie, the game will proceed to a penalty shootout.


• All eligible members of the champion team will receive a McGill prize (mug, t-shirt, etc.)


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